We are inviting submissions of papers on the following topics.

Urban Planning Sustainable Urban Planning, Floating City, Marine City, Waterfront Development,
Architecture Marine Architecture, Floating Architecture, Coastal Planning
Climate Changeand
Sea Level Rise, Flood, Ice Sheet, Disaster Risk and Adaptation, Tsunami, Global Warming
Low Carbon
Wave Power, OTEC, Offshore Wind, Solar Power on Ocean, Tide/Current Power,
Hydrogen, Nuclear Energy, Algae Biofuel, Green Hydrogen Energy
Technology /
Floating Structure, Floating Airport, Floating pier, Floating breakwater, Mooring, Ocean
Engineering, Harbor engineering, Construction and Management System, Autonomous
Technologies, Digital Twins, Digital transformation
Food Marine Agriculture, Seaweed Farming, Fish Farming, Aquacultural Engineering
Others Marine Spatial Planning, Marine Resources, Marine Industry, Ocean Development,
Social Impact, Marine Economy, Marine Ecology and Environment, Regulatory
Frameworks, Marine Policy, Marine System, Other Relevant Subjects