The WCFS2023 Japan Book of Conference Proceedings will be published by Springer.
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WCFS Editors

Shigeru TABETA

Professor of Marine Environment System, The University of Tokyo

Shigeru Tabeta is involved in research on the impact of human activities on the coastal marine environment and numerical modelling for understanding and predicting changes in marine environment, with the aim of contributing to solving marine environmental problems and realizing a sustainable society through oceans.
The main areas of his research include the environmental impact assessment of ocean and coastal development, restoration and management of coastal environments and fisheries, marine environmental problems in rapidly developing East Asian countries, the utilization of deep ocean water to enhance biological production, modeling of marine ecosystems and socio-economic systems for analyzing these issues, etc.

Lim Soon Heng

Founder President and Senior Advisor of the Floating Solutions Society (Singapore)

Lim Soon Heng is the Founder President and Senior Advisor to the Society of Floating Solutions (Singapore). He has extensive experience in the marine industry having spent much of his professional career with Singapore’s largest rig building yard, Keppel Offshore and Marine.
In 2019 he organised the first World Conference on Floating Solutions (WCFS) in Singapore. This inspired the convening of a second WCFS in Rotterdam in 2020. Due to the Covid pandemic the third WCFS was postponed. It is now to be held in August 2023 in Tokyo. The fourth WCFS is scheduled for 2024 in Lyon. It is likely that the fifth will take place in Hong Kong in 2025. The momentum in theseries of WCFS augurs well for the world threatened by climate change.
He believes the technological progression of fossil extraction from land to sea offers ideas that may be applied to develop safe and economic solutions for floating nuclear power plants.

Prof. C.M. Wang

Professor in Structural Engineering, University of Queensland

Prof. C.M. Wang is Professor in Structural Engineering, University of Queensland. He is a Fellow of Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, a Fellow of the Academy of Engineering Singapore, a Fellow of the Institution of Structural Engineers and a Fellow of theSociety of Floating Solutions (Singapore).
His research interests are in the areas of structural stability, vibration, optimization, plated structures and Mega‐Floats. He has published over490 journal papers and 10 books on these topics.
He has won many awards that include Nishino Medal, JN Reddy Medal, Lewis Kent Award, and Keith Eaton Award, for his original and sustained contributions to the advancement of structural mechanics and leadership instructural engineering. He has provided consultancy services on structural and floating projects in Singapore and Australia. His current research in the Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre is on the next generation offshore fish pens and seaweed cultivation infrastructure.