Program at a glance

Day 1, Aug.28

Time Room 1 (6F) Room 2 (5F-151) Room 3 (5F-154)
8:00-9:00 Registration
9:00-9:05 Welcome by Chair, Shigeru Tabeta    
9:05-9:35 Opening Ceremony
Soon Lim Heng
Sam Tabuchi
9:35-9:45 Photo taking of all participants
9:45-10:15 Coffee Break
10:15-11:15 Keynote Speech
Takeshi Kinoshita
Toshio Nakajima
11:20-12:20 Business Forum
12:20-13:30 Networking Lunch
13:30-15:10 Urban Planning
Moderater: Ryo Sugahara
Technology / Innovation
Moderater: Yoshitsugu Kawakami
Low Carbon Energy
Moderater: Shinichiro Hirabayashi
Developing a sustainable and smart floating structure solution for enhancing liveability in Hong Kong’s crowded built environment The Evolving of Floating Shipyard and its Leagile Operation Case Studies of SMR Liquefaction for FLNG Applications
Sustainable Water City -A Case Study in Singapore- Experimental investigation for ship motion coupling internal sloshing under wave actions Review of recent research and developments on wave energy production
Designing floating urban realities: on the urban design of floating high density environments in the Dutch context Experimental Study of Free-surface Profiles of an Aircushion-type Floating Platform with a Moonpool Innovative modular floating structure for harvesting solar energy in harsh marine environment
A Framework for Environmental Impact Assessment of Floating Development A Systematic Methodological Routine for Analyzing Numerical Analysis Results: Tools for Parametric Design Routines of Floating Structures Floating OTEC Plant - A Design and Coupled Dynamics
North Atlantic Floating Island. Architecture of the High Seas. Floating Environmental Deck Structures - Design Construction Challenges A Basic Investigation of Resonance Characteristics of PW-OWC Type WECs
15:10-15:40 Coffee Break
15:40-17:20 Urban Planning
Moderater: Tomoki Ikoma
Technology / Innovation
Moderater: Kazuhiro Iijima
Offshore Wind /Technology Innovation
Moderater: Chikako Fujiyama
Proposal of floating city concept instead of landfill with artificial ground that has a free rebuilding system Significant wave run-up for large offshore structures due to tertiary interactions Study of the fairlead connections of a prestressed concrete spar platform supporting a 10MW floating offshore wind turbine
Floating Urban Development – Sustainable Growth and Affordable Housing Effects of a Moonpool on Steady Wave Drifting Forces on a Floating Pontoon Influence of concrete material property on the failure mode of steel-concrete connection under monotonic load
Challenges of upscaling floating development in northern Europe, with a focus on the Netherlands Hydroelastic Responses of Very Large Floating Structures in Damage conditions Numerical Study on Cause and Characteristics of Low-frequency Yaw Motion of a Slack-moored FOWT
Amid Geopolitical Conflicts, are Floating Nuclear Power Plants Safe? Using inerter for offshore floating platform vibration control Wave Motion Characteristics of a Low-Rigidity FOWT with a Guy-Wire Supported Tower and Single-Point Mooring Configuration
    A Study on Wave Free Configurations and Motion Responses for Advanced-SPAR Type FOWTs
17:20-17:40 Free Time
17:40- Welcome Reception

Day 2, Aug.29

Time Room 1 (6F) Room 2 (5F-151) Room 3 (5F-154)
8:00-9:00 Registration
9:00-10:30 Keynote Speech
Stefan Huebner
Rutger de Graaf-van Dinther
Koen Olthuis
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:00 Urban Planning
Moderater: Jin Sasaki
Food & Others
Moderater: Takero Yoshida
Offshore Wind / Low Carbon
Moderater: Motohiko Murai
Development of the legal definition of the floating city: judicial interpretation and case law on the structural characteristics of floating homes and developments
Brydon T. Wang
Recent developments in offshore fish pens Development of a Simulation Tool for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Using MBDyn
Sustainable Floating City Production Systems - Moving Towards Industry 5.0 Numerical Simulation of the Three-Dimensional Sloshing and Internal Free Surface Oscillation Control in a Closed Fish Tank Using the Particle Method Overview of FOWT Demo Projects Cost and Analyses of Hull Design Features
Current Status of Underwater Space Utilization and Challenges to Contribute to a Sustainable Society Impacts of sessile organisms attached to artificial floating structures on the surrounding environment: review and update in Tokyo Bay Basic study of barge type floater with large wind turbine system by using numeral simulation
12:00-13:30 Networking Lunch
13:30-15:10 Architecture
Moderater: Kenichi Fujita
Food & Others
Moderater: Hideyuki Niizato
Climate Change / Disaster
Moderater: Mitsuhiro Masuda
A Performance-Based Design Framework for Floating Architecture. Trade-offs and correlations between requirements for multiple criteria decision making optimization Conceptual Design and Environmental-Economic Assessment for An Integrated Ocean-based Climate Solution System and Method for Proactive and Reversible Mitigation on Storm/Hurricane/Typhoon/Cyclone
A Study on Planning of Sustainable Floating Architecture outside a Bay Utilizing Submerged Breakwater Reef that Sequesters CO2 Study on the Increase in Annual Maximum Significant Wave Height due to the Intensification of Typhoons using NOWPHAS Wave Observation Data. Amphibious Buildings as a Response to Increased Flood Risk - European Case Study
Stochastic Response Evaluation for Random Wind and Wave Actions of Module-Linked Floating Structures with a Wind Turbine Stakeholder Acceptance of Large-Scale Floating Developments: Insights from Social Theory and Realized Projects in the Netherlands Study on Applicability of the MPS Two-phase Flow Model to Submarine Landslide Problem and the Basic Characteristics of Impact Pressure on Mooring Anchors of Offshore Wind Turbines
A design proposal of floating leisure and culture facilities in Saemangeum area Hydro-Structural Analysis – Advanced Cross-Structure Calculation for a Rigid Floating Breakwater Module Fundamental research on tsunami-resistant design for coastal architectures considering hazard chains
From Floating Architecture to Seaside Landscape. The case of the Island of Roses    
15:10-15:40 Dr. Kikutake & Floating City Vision
Coffee Break
15:40-17:00 Architecture
Moderater: Takahide Terakuchi
  Climate Change / Disaster
Moderater: Yasuhiro Aida
From floating prototype to floating community: Designing resilient floating communities by using participatory approaches   Numerical study of the variation of the velocity of a tsunami-drifting object in front of a building just before impact at different angles of tsunami incidence
"SeaSurveyor": An Innovative Floating Solution for Establishing Marine Protection Areas in Shallow International Waters   Study on the Tsunami Disaster Prevention Measure by the Deep-draft Type Floating Tsunami Protection Wharf for a Vessel Moored at a Wharf
An Innovative Design Concept of Modular Pneumatic Floating Platforms   Proposal of Tsunami Hazard Database for Mooring Vessels in Major Ports in Japan
Multi-body analysis of modular floating islands: optimisation of connector stiffness   A study on the layout and structure of the cloister of Itsukushima Shrine from hydrodynamic aspects
17:00-18:00 Free Time
18:00- Buffet Style Dinner at the Hilltop Hotel

Day 3, Aug.30 Technical Tour Time Schedule (subject to change)

Time Activity
12:00-12:30 (30 min) Registration Starts
12:30-12:45 (15 min) Tokyo Bay eSG Project Presentation
12:45-13:30 (45 min) Introducing Initiative Companies
Tokyu Land Corporation(15 min)
Sumimoto Mitsui Construction (15 min)
Homura Heavy Industries (15 min)
13:30-14:00 (30 min) Moving from Town Development City Plaza to WATERS Takeshiba
14:00-16:30 (2 hr 30 min) Cruising on the Electric Boat "Samurai"
16:30-18:30 (2 hr) Gather at BANK 30
18:30-19:00 (30 min) End
Technical Tour Time Schedule