The Great Wave by Katsushika Hokusai
His masterpiece among the Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji Printed 1830s, Edo Period

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Abstract Submission Starts 1st December, 2022
Deadline for Abstract Submission 27th January, 2023
Notification of Abstract Acceptance 1st February, 2023
Full Paper for Review Submission Starts 2nd February, 2023
Deadline for Full Paper for Review Submission 10th April, 2023
Notification of Full Paper for Review Acceptance
Revised Paper Submission Starts
8th May, 2023
Deadline for Revised Paper Submission 23rd May, 2023
Notification of Revised Paper Acceptance
Early Bird Registration Ends
5th June, 2023
Registration Starts 6th June, 2023
Deadline for Final Paper 28th June, 2023
Registration Closes 14th August, 2023
WCFS 2023 Japan 28th-29th August, 2023


We are inviting submissions of papers on the following topics.

Urban Planning Sustainable Urban Planning, Floating City, Marine City, Waterfront Development,
Architecture Marine Architecture, Floating Architecture, Coastal Planning
Climate Change and
Sea Level Rise, Flood, Ice Sheet, Disaster Risk and Adaptation, Tsunami, Global Warming
Low Carbon
Wave Power, OTEC, Offshore Wind, Solar Power on Ocean, Tide/Current Power,
Hydrogen, Nuclear Energy, Algae Biofuel, Green Hydrogen Energy
Technology /
Floating Structure, Floating Airport, Floating pier, Floating breakwater, Mooring, Ocean
Engineering, Harbor engineering, Construction and Management System, Autonomous
Technologies, Digital Twins, Digital transformation
Food Marine Agriculture, Seaweed Farming, Fish Farming, Aquacultural Engineering
Others Marine Spatial Planning, Marine Resources, Marine Industry, Ocean Development,
Social Impact, Marine Economy, Marine Ecology and Environment, Regulatory
Frameworks, Marine Policy, Marine System, Other Relevant Subjects


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a member of the Bureau of the UNECE Working Party/Architectural Institute of Japan
Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering,Osaka,University
Hiroshima Institute of Technology/Japan Agency for Marine Earth Science and Technology Japan Electronics
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
Japan Society of Civil Engineers/Japanese Association for Coastal Zone Studies/Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science/
The City Planning Institute of Japan/The Japan Civilengineering Consultants Association/
The Japan Institute of Energy/The Japan Iron And Steel Federation/
The Oceanographic Society of Japan/The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers/Yokohama National University