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Visiting Tokyo Bay eSG Project proceeding

-Creating Japan’s future from Tokyo Bay-

  • Tokyo’s Bay Area, which is blessed with waterfront nature, not only boasts Japan’s leading logistics terminal, it is also home to the Tokyo Waterfront City area which features diverse attractions including commercial, entertainment, and Tokyo 2020 Games related facili ties.
    dditionally, it has the potential of a vast parcel of new reclaimed land to measure about 1,000ha in the future.
  • Leveraging this high potential, we will prioritize the implementation of projects using this field as the stage. People will gather seeking features that can only be found here even in the digital area, and we will realize a sustainable city that has overcome the climate crisis.
  • By sharing the model of a city which achieves a balance between sustainability and the economy with society as a whole, and building it together, we will further enhance Tokyo’s international presence and promote the image of a city of the future that the world should pursue.
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